In this course, I will take you on a personal journey on how to start and earn with Amazon KDP publishing.


This course is for you even if:

  1. You're a stay at home mom
  2. A busy employee
  3. An affiliate marketer
  4. A writer
  5. A non-writer
  6. A student
  7. Even if you haven't written a thing before
  8. Anyone willing to learn a valuable skill
  9. You haven't made a dime online
  10. Anyone who want to build a side or full business that earns in dollars


Some of the lessons you'll learn include:

  1. What Amazon KDP is
  2. How to create your dollar account
  3. How to properly set up your account (even if your country is banned)
  4. How to make book research
  5. How to detect a profitable niche
  6. How to generate insights for your book
  7. How to write without writing a word
  8. How to properly set up your account for success
  9. How to withdraw your earned dollars into your country local bank
  10. How to properly price your book and sell like crazy
  11. How to design selling book cover
  12. How to list your book on ten categories
  13. How to engage with Amazon help desk
  14. How to properly format your book
  15. Secrets to selling more books
  16. Free tools to use to make things easier for you



  1. Support and mentorship
  2. Canva Pro Membership for free
  3. Access to publisher's WhatsApp group


This course will simplify things that even a 14 year old will follow the video lessons and start implementation immediately.


What do you need to get started?

  1. A zeal to change your financial situation
  2. An internet connection
  3. A smartphone or a laptop


You'll also get access to my Social Media Marketing course for FREE to help you properly position yourself.


You'll be added to our support group for support, and you get a direct access to me.



7.5 hours On-demand video

Available on phone,tables and big screens

Full-time access

Course Module

Module 1: Section 1

Module 2: Section 2

Module 3: Section 3

Module 4: Section 4

Module 5: Section 5

Module 6: BONUS


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