Email Persuasion Tactics

This not some motivational Self-help Programme or Push button get rich quick Scheme,

If you believe in that crap don’t even click on my cart 

Email Persuasion Tactics is all about Cold Readings and Mind Control to extract cash from stubborn prospect through Advance and Modern ways of casting spell with your words. 

Get you Emotionally Drunk, you can make anyone Pay for your rotten product or service.

Even If Your Product Smells like Dog


They Will BUY IT

The aim of this Programme is to reduce the amount of money you spend on Ads

(Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads, etc... All kinds of Ads that take your Cash)

Brutal, Compelling, Blood Sucking, Mind Twisting tactics for People tired of wasting money on traffic.

Please, Don't Skip This Part

This Programme is not for the easily offended or the faint of heart,

If you lack the killer instinct to suck people's "Pocket-Dry"

this Programme will not work for you.

If you can't build a team of Zombies ready to follow your command and give you Cash

Not going to work for you either, forget it


I am not a normal Mentor.

I cast spell on people.

And I don't feel bad about it.

I make people TAKE ACTION and Jump over a burning HELL FIRE OF BROKENESS

To Dinner with the DEVIL (Figuratively Speaking LOL) 

I might be in your face but you just have to understand this is tough LOVE
Now have said it all, it’s left to you to make a decision on your own.

If you can’t step beyond your boundaries PLEASE don’t Buy this programme,

because I don't want to be the one cleaning your POOP or PEE after yelling at you on my programme.

This set of Mentorship is not for the lazy ass people, Doubters, easily offended, opportunity seekers and the faint of heart.

Except you scared like a Chicken you won't take this programme,

Can’t wait to see you inside so that we can start throwing punches at each other LOL.

By punches I mean lets make some MONEY.

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George Max
Email Income Expert

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